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Hi VC++ buddies,

You can find few VC++ tips here.

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Purusothaman A


1. Displaying BMP image from file.

2. UNICODE string to/from ASCII string

3. Directory selection dialog box

4. DisplayBMP/JPEG/JPG/PNG/GIF/TIFF/Exif/WMF/EMF (from file) in VC++ using GDI+

5. Registry handling API’s (RegOpenKeyEx()/RegCreateKeyEx()/ RegSetValueEx()/RegQueryValueEx())

6. Dynamically enabling/disabling password style of edit box.

7. Getting Error message instead Error Code number

8. Client Server communication using CAsyncSocket in UDP transmission.

9. Move controls in dialog

10. SubClassing a control

11. Change Caption of the tab of a property sheet

12. Button with Image


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